Why I do this photography thing...

    It’s what I’m passionate about. I love what photography entails: people, moments and stories. The good stuff.¬†My goal as a photographer is to produce timeless work that evokes emotion. I did my job if you laugh, cry, and get goosebumps when you look at your gallery 10 years from now. Whether it be a love story or a monumental moment in your life that you need to capture, I’m your girl. I want to tell YOUR story for how YOU see it. The real stuff, the special moments in between, and the things that make you laugh harder and your heart more full.

    My ideal shoot consists of a good freakin’ time and my clients being undeniably them during our time together. I’m all about capturing personalities and fun, weird quirks that make your pictures come to life when you look at them. BEING NORMAL IS RELATIVE AND BORING. Can I get an a-freakin’-men?

    So if you get down with all those things, we’ll get along just fine.



    Photos and videos were always a big part of my childhood. My parents and grandparents always had a camera or a camcorder with them to make sure all the big moments in our family were captured. We would always look back on those memories we made together and make scrapbooks or small in-home videos on iMovie. I didn’t realize how much I valued this until recently.

    My interest for photography didn’t begin until my during my senior year of college. My parents bought me a DSLR for my internship and I had no idea how to use the dang thing. BUTTTT I had a friend who had her own photography business so I asked her to teach me the basics of shooting and editing (u rock Sarah E. Photo). I fell in love with the art pretty quickly. I didn’t realize how much I needed a creative outlet in my life. A place where I could let go, have fun, and express myself.

    Two-ish years later and I’m still taking tons of pictures and having a good freakin’ time doing it. I’m extremely grateful for all the people who have poured into me over the last few years. I wouldn’t be here without them, their words of encouragement, and their constant support. If you were to tell me I was going to be a wedding photographer the beginning of my senior year in college, I would have freaking laughed in your face. But here we are and I’m not mad about it. I’ve had the chance to travel to some rad places and have been given the opportunity to capture some freakin’ sweet memories.

    With all that said, lets keep this bumpin’ time going and be friends.

    Do you only shoot couples?
    How do I book you?
    Do you give out RAWs?
    What do we wear?
    Heck no my dudes! Wedding, engagements, seniors, give me all of 'em!