My name is Hannah Henke and I’m IN LOVE with the art of photography and all it entails: people, moments and stories. You know, the good stuff. My goal as a photographer is to produce work that evokes emotion. I did my job if you laugh, cry, and get goosebumps when you look at your gallery 10 years from now. Whether it be a love story or a monumental moment in your life that you need to capture, I'm your girl. I want to tell YOUR story for how YOU see it. The real stuff, the special moments in between, and the things that make you laugh harder and your heart more full.

I'm currently based out of Waco, TX but I want to explore. I crave adventure and LOVE a good road trip (or plane ride, whichever really).

Distance has nothin' on us.

My ideal shoot consists of hikes, wind blown hair and lots of laughter. 

People, quality time, and story time are the things that that make my world go round. If you have a deep appreciation for a good laugh, quirky, awkward, and unique things (because normal is boring), we will get along just fine. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and want to experience firsthand everything life throws my way.

I graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelors in Journalism, Public Relations, but during my time in undergrad I decided to pick up a camera and experiment with this whole photography thing. With A LOT of help and support from my friends, family and inspiration via Instagram (God bless), I began to experiment with my camera more and more. After that, I began to fall head over heels for this new hobby of mine… but what got me hooked were the amazing people I had the privilege of meeting and the stories they shared with me. Fast forward a few years and my love for photography continues to grow exponentially. I have had the chance to travel to some rad places and have been given the opportunity to captured some freakin’ sweet moments.

With all that said, lets keep this bumpin' time going and be friends.