Heyyoo! Let's Talk. 

I'm so freaking excited you're here and I cannot wait to get to know you! But before you start filling out this form, please understand that my style of photography is far from traditional. Yes I'll get a few of you smiling at the camera/family pictures during the wedding, but you might get your hands a little dirty and your shoes a little muddy during our shoot. I'm all about wind blown hair, ugly laughing, and having fun. So if you're into all of those things, we'll probably be a good fit. 

Now as you fill out this inquiry, I need to warn you that I'm a little nosy and want the details! No filter here. I want to hear it all, so don't hold back! I'm in this industry to build relationships. The more you guys share with me the more I can get to know y'all. That way I'm not a complete stranger with a camera documenting the biggest day of your life (AKA your wedding) or someone you can't be yourself around because I'm a random person you found on the internet. That would be so boring! My main goal is to capture you for who you are/your love story for what it is. You know, the messy, fun, and raw emotions that life is filled with. The real stuff.  

Let's do this thing.

If you stopped breathing a little bit when you saw my starting prices, take a deep breath and fill out the contact form anyways! It doesn't hurt to reach out :)

Sessions start at $500

Elopements & Intimate Weddings start at $1,800

Weddings start at  $2,500

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