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        I want to tell the true story of you and your people, the people who helped you get here.

        About Me

        As a wedding photographer, it is my greatest privilege to provide you, your significant other, and your future family with your first set of family heirlooms… pictures you look back on when you need a moment to cling to, when you want to relive a memory, or even have story time with your grandchildren. The in-between-moments, the interactions, the personalities, the deeply rooted relationships you have with one another because of the life you have lived together. The good stuff.

        I want to document moments to give you something tangible to look back at after your wedding day.

        These two taught me how to create and use my imagination. They always encouraged me to learn new things, enjoy what I was doing, and to chase my dreams.

        Grandma and Grandpa Henke

        Here is my family at my sister's wedding in Tulum. She recently married the best guy in February and she managed to get the entire Henke fam in one location out of the country for the first time ever!

        The Best Fam in All the Land

        My parents - AKA the best parents a girl could ask for. These two are my biggest cheerleaders. They are constantly there for me and have taught me what it looks like to love others through acts of service.

        Mom and Dad

        One of many pictures taken on a disposable camera from my childhood. This is me partied out in my traditional Korean dress (한복).

        돌잔치 - Korean 1st Birthday 1996

        Here's an iPhone self timer photo of my Korean Family! My siblings and I finally met them in June 2019 for the first time ever. Visiting Korea, learning about my Mom's culture, and seeing where she lived before moving to the states is one of my favorite memories and experiences.

        Korean Family 2019

        My best friend Julia and I camping. Julia reviews over 95% of my content, proof reads some of my emails, listens to my soapboxes regarding my job, and is a big reason I am where I am today. GR8FUL 4 HER!!!!

        Bestie Jules

        Photographing major life events for some of my closest friends has been a highlight of my job. This picture is from Shayla and Wyatt's wedding and a handful of the bridesmaids are also close friends of mine.


        The workshop where I learned the "why" behind my business and where I met strangers that became family after a short four days.

        All You Witness Workshop - November 2019

        This was taken on the way to photograph my first wedding in Colorado after moving to Denver. Just very pumped about life and my job in this shot.

        A pic of my face... kinda...

        Sarah taught me basically everything when it comes to photography. From shooting in manual to how to book a wedding. Grateful for her friendship, wisdom, and patience! It's safe to say I wouldn't be a full time wedding photographer without this girl in my life. And yes, this selfie is one of the few pictures we have together because we are always the ones behind the camera :)

        My Girllll - Sarah E. Photo


        Do you only shoot couples?

        How do I book you?

        Do you give out RAWs?


        Nope! I'm open to venturing out of couples and weddings. Message me and tell me what you have in mind! I've photographed for small businesses, families, and more.