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I'm convinced that wedding photos are the center of story time within a family. To this day my family looks through my grandparent's and parent's wedding photos anytime I visit home. These photos have outlived trends and fads and continue to be a conversation starter almost every holiday season. 

Pretty pictures are great but trends and fads will continue to go in and out of style. What remains timeless is the narrative you've invited me in to witness and document on your wedding day. Your wedding photos are your first set of family heirlooms, the start of your legacy. Thankfully, they will have a longer life expectancy than a simple 1080 x 1350 pixel post on Instagram
or any other social media account. 

your investment. 


That being said, no one wedding is the same...

Each wedding day is personalized to each couple which means each investment looks different! Not one story, location, or need of coverage is the same which is why each investment looks different.

and that's the beauty of my job.


Professionally edited images

Online Gallery

Printing rights

Unlimited digital downloads


Couples Session: $900

Elopement: $4,800

Wedding: $6,800

- 8 hour minimum
- Includes second photographer

- 6 hour minimum
- 10 guests or less

If you're interested in learning more and next steps, head over to my contact tab, share what you feel is necessary (the more the merrier), and what you want captured on you and your fiancé's big day. I'll send over a response with an investment package and we'll go from there. I can't wait to hear from you!


book your


Great! I'm here to answer them for you.
Send over an inquiry and I'll do my best to respond within 2-3 business days. Can't wait to hear from you!

Still have more questions?

Yes! I would love to travel to you. Be sure to include the details about your destination and I'll send over my travel rates for what you are looking for! 


Sessions: Previews within a week, full gallery within 20 days

Weddings: Previews within a week, full gallery within 2 months 

what is your turn around time?

I guarantee 50+ images for sessions and 400+ images for weddings. I don’t have a set number of images that I deliver because it differs for each couple, session, and package! I will edit all of the pictures I believe are worth editing from our time together. I will work hard not to leave any part of your special day out. If you would like to see one of my wedding galleries,
let me know and I can get it to you!

How many files will i receive?

I will not Photoshop you to make you look skinny because you are beautiful just the way you are! I’ll remove zits and distractions from the photos, aside from that you will remain true to all of your natural beauty.

Can you photoshop me?

You will not receive RAW files.
I will edit all of the images that you receive in your gallery prior to sending them to you! 




Kelsey + Philippe

"I was initially drawn to the way Hannah captures authentic moments and our wedding album is just that! The album Hannah sent is full of real, tender, candid, and sweet moments from our wedding day. They truly transport us back and are more than we could have imagined!"

Anna + Tyler

"Hannah was amazing to work with! She’s easy going and a joy to have around on your wedding day! She helped us pick the package that would work best for our wedding and helped us work on our timeline! The photos are very candid and show so many elements of your day!"

Susie + josh

All of our photos provoke an emotion from each and every person we share them with - whether it’s tears of joy, laughter, or even sadness, each of these photos are not just framed images - they are the intimate moments that we will forever cherish and relive and reflect on for many years to come."



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