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Capturing Love in the Mountains | Engagement Session in Boulder, Colorado

As a Denver-based engagement and wedding photographer, my joy is in capturing genuine moments of my couples and weaving them into lasting memories through my lens. Each couple I photograph has a distinctive story to tell, and Makayla and Mitchell’s engagement session in Boulder, Colorado, was a beautiful chapter in this ongoing narrative.

Makayla and Mitchell first met during their time at CU in Boulder. The city became the backdrop for the early chapters of their romance. However, life took them on separate paths, leading to a period of long-distance dating. Despite the challenges of studying abroad and navigating different career paths, they persevered, ultimately reuniting and settling down together! And I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next summer!

Their engagement session in Boulder, CO wasn’t just about capturing their love; it was about revisiting the places that held significance in their journey. During our session, they would look out to Boulder and reminisce on the buildings they had taken classes in, and the areas of town they used to hang out in. I love that they chose a city that held sentimental value to them!

What struck me the most about Makayla and Mitchell’s engagement session was the authenticity that unfolded during our time together. The couple’s shared love for the outdoors and hiking was evident in every step they took. As we strolled through the trail on that sunny November evening, their connection was palpable, and the camera became a witness to the genuine joy and laughter they shared.

I had the pleasure of capturing the essence of Makayla and Mitchell’s relationship, as they reveled in the beauty of the surroundings, lost in conversations about their past and dreams for the future. It was a session where less of my direction meant more of them – allowing their love to unfold naturally, unscripted, and true to themselves.

If you’re looking for an engagement photographer to capture your love story in the stunning landscapes of Boulder, Colorado (or anywhere in the world), I’m your girl! Let me document your love in a way that honors you and your partner well.

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