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My journey in capturing love as a documentary wedding photographer has taught me a profound truth: weddings are not about me; they’re about you. With five years of experience, I’ve come to understand that my role is to be a witness, capturing evidence of life lived in its purest form.

One of my top priorities as your wedding photographer is to have a hands-off approach to your special day. I firmly believe in showing up and documenting your day – letting you be left with timeless, preserved moments that are a true reflection of who you are. 

Your wedding day isn’t about the photography; it’s about the genuine connections, the love, and the shared moments with your people. Wedding photography is a byproduct of your wedding day. What good are aesthetically pleasing pictures if they fail to tell a story that is true to you and your partner? 

Life doesn’t follow a detailed timeline, and neither should your wedding! Let life happen. This non-curated approach resonates with those who value genuine connections and the natural unfolding of the day. While I can direct you through family portraits and couple shots, my primary focus is letting you be present with your loved ones. You guide the narrative, and we make it happen.

Wedding photos are not just pretty pictures; they are the center of story time within a family. Trends may come and go, but what remains timeless is the narrative you’ve invited me in to witness and document on your wedding day. These photos become your first set of family heirlooms, the start of your legacy, lasting longer than any social media post. 

The importance of being hands-off lies in the ability to capture the sacred moments that unfold on every wedding day, creating not just photographs but timeless narratives that are true to you as a couple. I aim to be a witness to the beauty unfolding, and ideally, you forget who photographed your wedding in 10 years, and all you are left with is an overwhelming sense of nostalgia when you look through your gallery.

If you’re the couple who doesn’t answer to anyone but yourselves, wants a loose timeline on your wedding day, and would rather go to cocktail hour instead of an hour worth of couples portraits…?
Let’s get connected!

Enjoy David + Irene’s wedding previews below!

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