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Enchanting Winter Proposal in Breckenridge: Torrey + Conner’s Love Story

Welcome to the Magical Winter Proposal of Torrey and Conner!

In my five years of capturing love, the thrill of a surprise proposal never fails to excite me. I recently had the privilege of documenting the winter wonderland proposal of Torrey and Conner in Breckenridge, just days before Christmas. Truly, WHAT A DREAM! This session not only celebrated their love but also showcased the beauty of collaboration and thoughtful planning. 

Conner, with the help of Torrey’s mom, orchestrated a proposal that would become a cherished memory for the couple. Knowing that Torrey’s family would gather in Breckenridge for Christmas, Conner seized the opportunity to pop the question just days before the festive celebration! Torrey’s mom played a pivotal role in the planning, she even hiked the trail and marked the trees with little pink ribbons the day before to ensure Conner and I were on the correct path! I mean.. truly couldn’t have done it without her help!

On the day of the proposal, I showed up early to get a head start on the hike so I could beat the couple to the spot and hide behind a tree (to make sure I wasn’t visible and not ruin the surprise, of course). Once I got to the spot, Torrey and Conner went on what seemed like a “random” hike near their home in Breckenridge. After a brief 10 minute wait, the magical moment unfolded! Conner went down on one knee asking Torrey to marry him.. and she obviously said yes!!! After a moment of disbelief, Conner gave her a note that he had written to her and they soaked in the moment together. 

Once the initial excitement settled and they were done soaking in the moment, they were ready to take some couple portraits and that’s exactly what we did! We took advantage of the stunning proposal spot and later headed back to the house for a heartwarming reunion with Torrey’s parents and their dog. Following a quick outfit change, we ventured to downtown Breckenridge for more portraits. And once our session concluded, the couple spent the evening with their family, while I headed back to Denver. Later that night I received a text from Blaire, Torrey’s sister and a friend of mine, telling me Torrey humorously mistook me for a black bear when I emerged from behind the tree while taking pictures of the surprise proposal!

As the couple continues their journey towards a lifetime of happiness, I am grateful to have played a small part in the beginning of their forever. Cheers to Torrey and Conner, and to the countless love stories waiting to unfold in the enchanting backdrop of Colorado’s winter wonderland!

If you’re looking for a proposal photographer to capture your love story in the stunning landscapes of Breckenridge, Colorado (or anywhere in the world), I’m your girl! Let me document your love in a way that honors you and your partner well.

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