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Hi friends! I’m Hannah, a Denver-based wedding photographer. Can you believe how quickly another year has flown by? We’ve officially landed in the much needed off-season. 

As a wedding photographer with over five years of experience, my off-season isn’t just a break – it’s a time to recharge and regroup before diving into another busy wedding season. Here’s a glimpse into how I navigate my off-season, both personally and professionally:

1. Rest and Relax

During my off-season, I prioritize rest to regain focus before starting off another wedding season. This involves spending quality time with friends and family, embracing the outdoors (even if it’s cold!), and indulging in a ton of cooking. These moments of relaxation not only rejuvenate me but also lay the foundation for the creativity and excitement I bring to each wedding during the busy season.

2. Updating my Website

After months of non-stop photography, it’s time to curate and showcase my work! Updating my website is a top priority during off-season. From optimizing images for SEO to blogging and refreshing main pages with the year’s highlights, this process is essential for maintaining a dynamic online presence and appealing to couples searching for their wedding photographer, whether they’re in Colorado or beyond. 

3. Prepare for Tax Season

Yikes! The inevitable tax season… a necessary evil for any business owner. While not the most glamorous aspect of my off-season, it’s undoubtedly crucial. Though I wish I had taken a few accounting classes in college, hindsight is 20-20, I suppose! I’ve hired a CPA to manage my taxes, ensuring everything from QuickBooks to mileage and write-offs is fully updated. This is so important as it helps to maintain a full focus on the upcoming wedding season, without having taxes in the back of my mind. 

4. Elevating the Client Experience 

Investing time in refining automations and enhancing client services is a commitment I make during the off-season, and it’s something I’m continually learning and growing in! With guidance from my business coach, Eden Strader, I’ve learned many ways to streamline the backend processes of my business. This allows me to better focus my energy towards creating a personalized and memorable client experience during the wedding season, instead of being bogged down with backend work. 

5. Travellinnnnggg!!! 

The off-season isn’t just about work, duh; part of my rest and relaxation involves having a little fun! In April, I’ll be heading back to South Korea with my family (YAY!). We haven’t been there since 2019, and I’m excited to see my mom with her brother again, as well as indulging in allll the delicious food and finding inspiration that will undoubtedly infuse my photography with new perspectives. 

Remember, being a wedding photographer requires a balance between serving your clients and taking care of yourself. I’m looking forward to being refreshed in this off-season and working with my couples in this new year! If you are interested in booking photography coverage for your engagement, wedding, or family sessions, I’d love to hear from you! 

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