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The Ultimate Downtown Denver Location Guide for Engagement Photography

Downtown Denver engagement sessions are some of my favorites! It has an incredible backdrop and offers a perfect blend of urban charm and scenic beauty. I’ve had the pleasure of capturing countless couples here! And today, I’m thrilled to share with you a curated guide of my favorite downtown Denver locations for engagement shoots – let’s dive in!

If you’re local to Denver, opting for a downtown engagement session is a great option because there is minimal travel and fewer logistics to plan for leading up to the session. Although things are always happening in downtown and it’s a lively area, it’s not as crowded as bigger cities, which makes it easy to get an intimate feel during your session… which I personally think is a win!

Sure, the Rockies are close by (only 30-60 minutes away!), but there’s something special about the landscape of downtown Denver. Especially if you’re not the outdoorsy type, this is a great option for you!

Here are 5 places in downtown Denver that have left me wanting to explore more with my future couples:

1. The Milk Market

One of my top picks for engagement sessions in downtown Denver is the Milk Market – this marketplace is a perfect blend of urban energy and cozy corners for intimate portraits, especially when it gets closer to dusk since the lights are super fun to play around with! Sometimes, we’ll work with flash photography, and other times, I’ll vibe out with the funky lighting we’re surrounded by.

2. Auraria Campus Parking Garage (Top Floor)

For a panoramic view of downtown Denver, the top floor of the Auraria Campus Parking Garage is my favorite! I love running around with couples with the view of downtown behind us. While you may need to pay for parking to access this spot, the backdrop of the city skyline makes it well worth it. If you’re looking for another option, the colorful garage off Broadway downtown is great and offers a different perspective as well!

3. RiNo District

The RiNo District is a treasure trove of vibrant murals, trendy breweries, and eclectic art galleries. I love walking through this neighborhood with my couples while we explore around, grab beers, and shoot as we go! This allows for more of an organic moment to be captured against the downtown backdrop and is a great tactic to really just see your couple interact and get more true to self candids!

4. Union Station & Cooper’s Lounge

Union Station stands as a historic landmark in downtown Denver, offering timeless elegance and architectural beauty. While obtaining permits may be necessary for certain areas, it’s well worth it. I love Cooper’s Lounge as it provides a luxurious backdrop for intimate portraits.

5. Hotels

There are nearby hotels that are fun to photograph in such as the Rally Hotel, Ramble Hotel, Oxford Hotel, and The Brown Palace. These are great places for an editorial style engagement session, as you have the options from modern architecture to chic interiors, which will add a touch of sophistication to your photos!


One of the joys of downtown engagement sessions is the ability to incorporate local hotspots into the shoot. From charming bars and breweries to quaint ice cream shops and farmers’ markets, the options are endless! I love integrating these places into sessions, as it adds a touch of authenticity and spontaneity to the photoshoot, transforming it into a memorable date night experience instead of a “photo session”. Extra brownie points if you can find one that is sentimental to the couple!

Whether you’re a local couple looking to capture your engagement in downtown Denver or any location anywhere in the world, I’d love to work with you! As you plan your engagement session, remember that downtown Denver is a wonderful option that provides endless possibilities! And if you’re wondering how to choose the perfect engagement location in Colorado? I’ve got you here!

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